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Joseph DeAcetis | Founder & President at Potro

Joseph DeAcetis is an American Fashion Director particularly known for his contributions in menswear. As style director at the highly esteemed Forbes Media, Joseph is one of the most recognizable faces in menswear and his style credentials warrant a place in the global luxury menswear industry.


At Forbes, Joseph produces and styles Forbes magazine cover and fashion editorial pages in which capacity he gained valuable experience in the marketing aspect of the fashion industry; This led to a period of extensive collaboration during which DeAcetis researched the rising Latino American luxury menswear market segmentation. The experience provided DeAcetis with an opportunity and vision to develop an aspirational apparel brand with an architecture aligned to the empowerment of social impact.


Having worked in the menswear industry for many years, Joseph has solidified relationships both at press and retail help ensure brand awareness and retail presence. To profitably extrapolate the undeniable Latino menswear apparel market potential, DeAcetis founded Potro Inc.

What Joseph’s clients say about him:

“Joseph approached each project with enthusiasm, energy, and ideas…as he generously tapped his network of photographers, models and other talent…”  ​


“…a great creative genius, and full of youthful energy.”


“…a strong vision that he communicates through his work and playful way of interacting with others … a great worker, a mentor to many young talents and has a unique way of bringing varied people together to create the desired impact.” 


“Creative. Aesthetically talented. Imaginative. Resourcefully original. Never a copy cat. Risk taker. Skillfully clever. Always fresh and inventive. Adept manager. Mentor. Organized. Efficient.” 


“Joseph consistently produces an excellent product. His unique creativity and comprehensive understanding of industry trends allow him to develop compelling and relevant editorial. Joseph is dependable and extremely charismatic. It was a great pleasure to work with him and the results were fantastic!” 


“There is never a dull moment if you are working with Joseph…” 

About Joseph's current endeavors:

Joseph’s current work as Style Editor at Forbes Magazine: Forbes is a vigorous global media company celebrating the inconceivable changes within the realm of both luxury style and living smart. is a new world edition of fine art, style, nightlife and travel-featuring luxurious and exclusive content. Menswear’s diplomatic inspiration to business and recreational high-profile lifestyle. Accomplished Fashion Director, (content provider, stylist, writer, editor) Fashion Film Director – image creator and marketing liaison in the luxury category for magazines and web sites. Creative Style Director, with a keen sense for editing and developing luxury apparel collections. Spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, participant in Executive Fashion Panel for various Fashion Brands, Associations as well as Luxury Retailers. Proficient in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities within the luxury apparel, footwear and lifestyle products categories.


Fashion forecaster for luxury apparel industry, producing trend pages for Forbes, Forbes Life and The Style Capitalist found on Directed Fashion Films and style coverage for Kiton, Blue Pony Brand and Jack of Spades. Celebrity Stylist for Forbes Editorial Covers including Justin Bieber, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Kevin Systrom.


Specialties: Menswear Apparel, Luxury Market and Dressing to achieve Corporate Ascension. Career highlights include working as the Global Fashion Director at Playboy Magazine: 


•Provided fashion content for largest men’s magazine in the world, including strategic direction on fashion initiatives for the flagship publication and 30 foreign editions.


•Proposed, spearheaded, and produced popular “Playboy Style” section ( that serves as an online extension of the magazine’s monthly, multi-page fashion pictorials. Enabled Playboy to be current in speed and content with the emerging marketplace, moving the magazine ahead of the curve in readership, innovation and ad revenue. 


• Persona for Playboy on TV, radio and newspapers giving commentary around the world. Recognized as fashion content voice and thought leader in men’s publishing arena in starting Created content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobile platforms, DVD and radio.


•Provided television commentary on Full Frontal Fashion and the BBC.Communicated expertise in articles for USA Today, Wall Street Journal, WWD and DNR. Subject of industry publication editorials.

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