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Cardon – Dress for Success

The beloved tailored suit is a product that many identify as the image of a refined man of power, representing masculinity at its prime voice of elegance. It is to be worn with a sense of pride and ambition of achievement, dressing the part to seek the ultimate win. To gain corporate ascension, dressing for success is not only a visual catapult to the echelon level, it shows worth and value of ones wisdom, projecting quality and respect to his superiors. Reflecting on the past, a crisp and sharp tailored monochromatic suit was unavoidably flooding the streets, as the man on the road to his daily performance was to conform to this inherited uniform. Modern days have introduced a nouveau styled gentleman that is accepted by society and just as respected for his embodied casual looks. While boundary’s of fashion and design are pushed to advanced heights season after season, the classic male suit will always hold its own in a world filled with endless variety.

There has long been a social expectation of appropriate attire required in certain settings, and however broken the borders may be, they will never be lost. Perhaps now one may only wear a suit for a special occasion and our Sunday’s best is no longer what it used to be, there is still a found glory of a decadently dressed man and the allure that it emits. Exuding confidence is collectively attributed by physical appearance and the charismatic nature gained from this, forming an attractive and enticing appeal of accomplishment to those around.

What is considered the modern-day suit was first introduced to society in the early 19th century and also marked a pinnacle moment for men and their newfound grooming routines. Self care and refinement in displaying their appearance would soon set the bar to a cleanly nurtured path ahead. Fast forward, today men’s skincare products are at an all time high and the demand is generously voiced by the younger generation who invite the demographic to jump on board. The newly established apothecary, Cardon, is a prime example of revolutionary (men’s skincare?) products, and to start we have the enticing packaging with a sleek and sophisticated design. Originating from Korea, (girls names) know what the fundamental importances are for long lasting durable skin being naturally immersed in their native cultures interest in the industry that is innovative and progressively leading the way. With products ranging from hydro booting gels and purifying clay cleansers, they service treatments that cater to all skin types. The modern man is catching up quickly in the current climate of grooming, continually adding importance to self care regimes and we have beauty companies to thank for this.

Where does dressing for success stand today? Call it traditional or contemporary, the array of luxury fashion houses continue to stay loyal to their quality of purification with sartorial elegance, while allowing creative elements to make whimsical diverse creations. A significant factor that one must adhere to is the current push for sustainability on all angles of the industry, from development of newly generated fabrics to construction and understanding of reducing carbon footprint. Many may believe that the elite industry provides in excess leaving behind masses amounts of surplus that would never be utilized again. With this astonishing global movement, we are witnessing what contributes to a new process of garment construction where designers are digging deep to utilize what they already have. Suits are made from previous collections material that may once have been a streetwear product, thus naturally creating a modern zest to the timeless item giving a more flamboyant nuance with options that are fashion forward in compliance.

The allure and significance of a man in his power outfit may have eclectic twists that are exceedingly in vogue, whether it is to your taste or not, we go with it and this proves that dressing for success is ejected in variations forms of appearance. You can’t argue fashion, you simply have an opinion, but when it truly comes down to it, the importance of a well dressed man is what ultimately achieves triumph. 

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