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Jack Of Spades Premium Denim Makes A Statement With A Remarkable Fit And Great Style

If you’re searching for the perfect pair of luxury denim for the office,it’s easier than you might think. Once you start to figure out what jeans brands are best suited to your needs, then you’re on the right path. In my opinion, the best luxury denim brands for men are all about comfort, fit and style. And when it comes to elevating your style arsenal for the office the right denim jeans will give you a healthy dose of self-confidence for work and play.

In 2022, as office dress-codes become more and more relaxed, American men focus on an easygoing and carefree vibe. So whether you’re aim is to convey a message of self confidence; then do I have a denim brand for you.

Jack Of Spades

Jack Of Spades offers a wide range of styles, washes, and colors, which includes both classic, slim and athletic fits some with slight tapering. The brand proudly maintains devoted followers thanks to their superior levels of comfort, quality, and style—and all for a price tag that is particularly pleasing. All you have to do is check out their website and find the fit that speaks to you and your needs. I am personally familiar with the brand and I can assure you that the comfort level is unmatched. In addition, the denim is so resilient that it just bounces back into perfect shape.

Jack of Spades operates their business on a simple philosophyto provide aspirational, yet accessible, luxury denim looks for everything from a boardroom meeting to cocktails on a NYC rooftop…all with a focus on comfort, individuality, and a self-expression of style for today’s man. says Jack Of Spades President Daniel F. Mann.

Jack of Spades was established in 2001. In later years, the Mann family acquired the brand, with a broad vision to take the business to new heights— by improving quality and product development. Since then, the brand has seen phenomenal expansion into an innovative global lifestyle brand; while remaining a realistic alternative for American businessmen.

Since the time the brand was launched, their popularity has accelerated to a broader demographic. In my opinion. this is one of the only sensible places to start your denim journey. When speaking of luxury denim, they’re one of the most affordable men’s brands, and also one with a social conscience. The brand also has a solid history of manufacturing top-quality denim while adhering to sustainable practices. In the past, they made jeans and jackets and soon thereafter pioneered the diverse range of color, fit and style to reach a broader spectrum of customers.

I recently had the privilege speaking with Jack Of Spades President Daniel F. Mann about why his brand philosophy is to listen to customers and put their wants and needs first, how they blend modern technologies and classic techniques to produce the best quality denim and why his the goal is to raise brand awareness and convincing younger consumers to get into Jack of Spade jeans!

Jack Of Spades
Daniel Mann: President Jack of Spades ©HAILEY BURLING

Joseph DeAcetis: Briefly, talk to Forbes about Jack Of Spades Brand philosophy?

Jack Of Spades President Daniel F. Mann –One of the primary guiding principles of our brand philosophy is that we make it a point to listen to our customers, and always put their wants and needs first. Our mission is to ensure that every customer will be extremely comfortable in their clothing, without ever having to sacrifice on style. Every product created by Jack of Spades offers three key assets: comfort, individuality, and stylish self-expression. That said, we are always looking for ways to improve our product, based on the valuable feedback we receive from our customers.

JD: In your words, what is your competitive advantage in the luxury denim marketplace?

DFM: I believe that outside observers may view the luxury denim marketplace as very dense. Many people think “all jeans are the same, yours can’t really be different” – and without understanding the finer distinctions between our fabrics and textures, it can be challenging to make them realize the superiority of our designs. What makes us stand out in the marketplace is our thoughtful use of a mixture of modern technologies and classic techniques to produce the best quality denim.

JD: Talk to Forbes readers about the current product offerings: fabrics, colors, textures, and shapes.

DFM: Jack of Spades currently offers our customers denim jeans and shorts, as well as jean jackets. We utilize innovative fabrications to create unique looks, such as TK on denim, which adds a subtle, worn-in feeling. Our diverse color palette gives our customers so many options, starting with a focus on timeless styling in monochrome shades such as grey and black, along with both dark and pale indigos. Some updated soft-toned bolder colors currently making appearances in our collection include burgundy, blue, and green, as well as a bold hit of coral!

JD: What are your thoughts on the importance of dressing for success during office hours. Does it matter in 2022? Why or why not?

DFM: As the coronavirus pandemic starts slowing down, [and of course we hope that’s a trend that continues!] dressing for success during office hours, as people continue to return to the workplace, is perhaps more important than ever before. It’s definitely high time to get out of those sweats and back into some stylish, though still comfortable, pieces. To that end, Jack of Spades offers the perfect transitional pieces, whether you’re back at the office full time or in a hybrid situation.

Even as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other virtual meeting-spaces continue to be utilized regularly, there is certainly something to be said about meeting in person and being dressed in your best work clothing. I’d take that a step further, and say that even dressing up for a virtual meeting could also give a much-needed confidence boost, right from your home office! If you own a pair of two of our jeans, you won’t even notice you’re wearing denim trousers. It’s a win-win! Our designs seamlessly exude a dual stylish expression of both business and casual.

JD: Moving forward, as an entrepreneur, what is the business strategy of Jack of Spades with respect to: Sustainable Efforts, and how one attracts the Gen Z and Millennial consumers?

DFM: As the world continues to evolve, at Jack of Spades we make it our business to evolve along with it. Of course we want to attract Gen Z and Millennial customers, but at the same time, it’s crucial to retain our loyal older customers. We plan on bettering our marketing strategies, and making the necessary effort to launch campaigns with an even broader appeal on both our own website and across social media platforms.

We’ve already had multiple celebrity endorsements for our brand, and anticipate more high-profile accolades, which we’ll of course strategically share, with the goal of raising brand awareness and convincing younger consumers to get in to our jeans!

JD: Talk to Forbes about future plans for brand awareness and an expansion strategy, such as capsule collections being developed?

DFM: We have big plans to expand our catalog. Our next move will be creating a line of Jack of Spades tops, including t-shirts and sweaters, that will coordinate for a comfortable, stylish head-to-toe look, when worn with our luxury denim jeans and shorts.

You could say that Jack of Spades is a family-run business – in all the right ways! And you might add that their customers demographic ranges anywhere in age from 25-85 with the common desire to look confident in well-fitting luxury denim, but demanding comfort while doing so. These are just some of the elements that give Jack of Spades a consistent winning hand. Beyond quality fabrics and detailed construction, integrity and authenticity are built in to every pair of jeans they create. 

When Daniel Mann was a young boy, most of his heroes were popular sports figures, baseball and basketball players alike. As he matured, though, he clearly understood that his real role models lived right there with him in Brooklyn – his parents and three older brothers provided all the encouragement that he needed. Daniel reflects on this realization. “They taught me so many life lessons”, he muses, “and were the perfect examples of who I wanted to be.”. 

Loyal fans of the brand know that when they pull on a pair of jeans from Jack of Spades, they can always expect the perfect fit and unequivocal comfort. The ongoing goal is to create perfect products that are both fashionable and comfortable. With ongoing success and an eye to expansion, Jack of Spades holds all the cards – to win hands down, every time!

Jack Of Spades
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